Election Results


Election Results - June 2024

  • 1st Vice President (Three (3) Year Term): Tyler H. J. Hutchinson
  • Grievance Chair: Open Space / Division (Three (3) Year Term): Eric Lasher 
  • Grievance Chair: Environmental Service / Division (Three (3) Year Term): Darren Srochenski
  • Executive at Large 3 (Three (3) Year Term): Blaine Aspen
  • Sergeant at Arms: (Two (2) Year Term): Wayne Toker
  • Trustee: (One (1) Year Term): Vicki Kaminski
  • Trustee: (Three (3) Year Term): Sherri-Lynn Hartman

    Thanks to everyone who took part in this process and voted. This election we had a record number of members who participated.