L21 Committees

  • Bylaws: Hugh Bigler, Doug Eklund
  • Clothing: Chris Szakacs, Doug Eklund, 
  • Communications: Vacant
  • Contracting Out: Tyler Hutchinson
  • Grievance Appeals: L21 Executive Board
  • Incident and Collision: Chris Szakacs
  • Jurisdictional/Job Descriptions: Laird Williamson, Quinn Rollins, Sherry Hartman
  • Letters of Understanding (LOU): Laird Williamson
  • Pension (Permanent Employees): Hugh Bigler, Laird Williamson
  • Pension (Casual Employees): Tyler Hutchinson, Hugh Bigler
  • Reclassification: Sherry Hartman
  • Social: Darren Fox
  • Water Waste Water Certification: Laird Williamson
  • Young Workers’: Laird Williamson

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