L21 Executive

Subject to re-structure.

President: Laird Williamson  

1st Vice President: Quinn Rollins

2nd Vice President: John Coulson

Secretary-Treasurer: Hugh Bigler

Recording-Secretary:  James Dillion 

Grievance Chair: Tyler Hutchinson – (Citizen Experience Innovation & Performance Division / City Planning & Community Development Division / Officers of Council)

Grievance Chair: Darren Fox – (Citizen Services Division / Roadways & Transportation / Transit & Fleet)

Grievance Chair: Blake Becker – (Citizen Services Division / Water, Waste & Environmental Services (WWE) / Officers of Council Division)

Grievance Chair: Scott Fischer – (Facilities Services Division / Community & Recreation / Planning & Partnership / Social & Cultural Development / Sport Facilities & Special Events Branches)

Executive Members-at-Large
Chris Szakacs / Doug Eklund / Blaine Aspen 

Jeff Shearer / Angela Kosar / Chris Pflanzner

Wayne Toker

CUPE National Service Representative
Wanda Edwards