Active Letters of Understanding (LOU)


L21-LOU-0000-03 – Scheduling of Hours of Work for Lifegaurd Instructors- Com.Serv

L21-LOU-0000-06 – Aquatics – Recertification

L21-LOU-0000-09 – Permanent part-time Cleaners

L21-LOU-0000-17 – Roadways Procedures for Inclement Weather

L21-LOU-0000-43 – Job Sharing (1993)

L21-LOU-0000-45 – Work Experience Placements (2002)


L21-LOU-2011-02 – Fleet Maintenance for the Purpose of Assinging Superior Duty

L21-LOU-2011-03 – Water and Sewer Services Certification Incentive Program


L21-LOU-2012-05 – Scheduling of Hours of Work For Schedule B Provision 4d Branches

L21-LOU-2012-06 – Re- Certification – Permanent Casual Employees


L21-LOU-2013-03 – Collections Scheduling for Stats


L21-LOU-2016-05-Administration of Discipline(Smoking, PPE, Seatbelt, Cell)

L21-LOU-2016-06-Administration of Discipline-Aquatics Inservice


L21-LOU-2017-03-Nine Hour Shift

L21-LOU-2017-04 -Ten Hour Shifts

L21-LOU-2017-05-Twelve Hour Shifts


L21-LOU-2018-03-Lifeguard Access to Major Facilities

L21-LOU-2018-04-Community Services-Superior Duty

L21-LOU-2018-05-Parking Permits for use by CUPE Local 21 President


L21-LOU-2019-01-Leave for Grievance Meetings, Committees to be Heard and Collective Bargaining

L21-LOU-2019-02-Peak Season-Casual Employees-Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

L21-LOU-2019-03-Appendix B-Equipment Schedule

L21-LOU-2019-04-Averaging Hours of Work


L21-LOU-2020-01 PRCS Branch Amalgamation

L21-LOU-2020-02 Parks Maintenance Transfers

L21-LOU-2020-03 Water Waste and Environment Split Branch

L21-LOU-2020-04 Roadways and Transportation – Peak Season – Casual

L21-LOU-2020-05 Roadways and Transportation – Peak Season – Permanent

L21-LOU -2020-06 PRCS Schedule Hours of Work Schedule B – Casual Staff

L21-LOU-2020-08 Peak Season Casual Employees

L21-LOU-2020-10 Bathing Suit Allowance (P & C) PRCS Department

L21-LOU-2020-012 PRCS – Superior Duty

L21 LOU-2020-13 Article 8 Grievances & Dispute Resolution – Pilot Language


L21- LOU-2021-01 – Peak Season Casual Employees – Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

L21-LOU-2021-02 – FT President Cost Share


L21-LOU-2022-01 – Peak Season Casual Employees – Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

L21-LOU-2022-04 - Water Distribution  Waste Water Collection Certification

L21-LOU-2022-04 - President Parking Permits


L21-LOU-2023-01 - Acting Leadman - Parks Maintenance & Cemeteries Branch

L21-LOU-2023-02 - Lifeguard Wages

L21-LOU-2023-03 - Peak Season - Casual Employees (PRCS)