Click Here: For an Update about the Union Information Mail Out


Good day everyone, 

We have received some questions about our recent mail out and we hope this will clarify this issue.

We are mailing this out for two (2) reasons:

1. We lack a database to easily communicate with our Members. We have mailing addresses but that process is slow and often times a person does not update their address which if there was ever a need for rapid communications we would be in a difficult situation.

We also have an incomplete email address list which is a good place to start but never as quick as a phone call if needed. Generally, we would follow a time sensitive flow chart for communication:

+ Low urgency would be mail (if we continue with paper);

+ Medium urgency would be email; and

+ and High urgency would be by phone.

It is never our intention to inundate people with information but we would like to have more regular communication channels available to us, should the need arise. 

2. We are implementing the Union Membership card in conjunction with Regina local businesses and saw this as an opportunity to accomplish both goals. This is not finalized but the idea is that it would function as a rewards card. We do not want to over promise and under deliver, which is why details of this were not widely shared.

However, based on the number of inquiries it is clear that was an error to not share this second (2nd) piece of information and for that I apologize. We hope this satisfies any questions and we hope to have that finalized in mid to late summer. 

We did get a suggestion about automating this through the website but have learned there would be authenticating issues if it was automatic so it will need to be done manually until that problem is solved, if it can be solved at all. 

In addition there were questions about the confidentiality disclaimer, that was included to show that the Executive is bound by confidentiality to ensure that your private information is protected. It was not intended to reflect any obligation by the member with respect to this document. 

If you have any questions please let us know. 


Laird Williamson 
President / Local 21